Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings, 
for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.
Zechariah 4:10

Mozambican Women

Extreme poverty is daunting, especially when it is so widespread. 

Mozambique is one of the poorest nations in the world as measured by the Human Development Index, and one of the demographics that suffers the most is widows and single mothers. 


Single Mothers


Low Education





35% of Mozambican women are single mothers

90% of girls/women never even start high school

88% of women cannot find jobs with a living wage

63% of female-headed households below poverty line

We wanted to help, but...  where to start?

Meet Luisa

Luisa is a widow who used to struggle to survive; she regularly begged for handouts, her ramshackle hut would flood with every rain, and she and her adopted daughter lived on rotten vegetables that they scavenged from the mud in the market. 

Luisa was just one of millions of vulnerable women in similar situations.

In 2015, Nora Binda and Carla Reinagel teamed up to create a sewing school to empower widows like Luisa. 

Their goal was to find a permenent solution to lift these women out of poverty and restore their ability to hope and dream for their own futures again. 

The sewing school started small, meeting in the back of a church with seven students sharing three borrowed machines.

Like most new students, Luisa struggled at first, but gradually built both her skills and her confidence.

After producing enough items us to sell, Luisa was able to earn her own sewing machine! She left the school with both the skills and the tools for a new life.

Today we have empowered 80 women like Luisa to have a new start in life!

Some people look at where the Restoring Hope school is today and think they could never achieve what we have. 

But we tell them all, do not dispise small beginnings. Start somewhere. 

Great things will follow.